We believe in a life lived with simplicity, grace, and moderation. A life connected to nature and built around mindful, responsible decisions, which consider not only ourselves but also the planet and the people around us. We seek to create items that invite a sense of calm and ease into our everyday lives, and we hope that our products and practices will also inspire others to think about the impact of their choices.

Permanent Collection

We advocate for conscious consumption, which means buying fewer but better garments, considering the processes and resources required to make them. This is why we offer a curated, limited collection, designed to outlive seasonal trends. The number of pieces is intended to grow slowly and organically. For now, we work exclusively with linen, which, to us, is an expression of naturalness and well-being.

Slow Made

Simply put, Slow Fashion means higher ethical standards. It means producing quality, long-lasting pieces with a lower negative impact on our planet, and fair treatment of the people involved. Each She's Linen item is thoughtfully crafted in our family-owned studio in Transylvania, using materials that are traceable and respectful of nature. Most of our items are made to order, which helps avoid unnecessary clothing production and reduce waste.

European Linen

We use high-quality European linen, which is friendly to our skin and the environment. It is made of local, naturally sustainable crops that require minimal irrigation and chemical treatment. All the substances used when weaving, dyeing, or softening the fabric are certified under the European Union's REACH regulation, the strictest law to date regulating chemical substances.

Social Sustainability

We are humbly committed to our roots as a 30-year-old clothing manufacturer, which has been independently audited, based on the code of conduct developed by Amfori - the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. The result is an "A" rating for social sustainability, which stands for safe, dignified working conditions and living wages for all employees.


Our primary goal with She’s Linen is to cultivate and inspire a more sustainable lifestyle. That is why we chose to support a local foundation, Arta in dialog - Art in Dialogue, in their activities of raising awareness and connecting the young audience from our region with global social and environmental issues. Find out more about it here.

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