Care Instructions

To prolong the look of your garment, we recommend machine washing it with mild detergent, at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees, preferably using a delicate wash cycle. Since our linen has been prewashed, there will be no further shrinkage in the process.

Unfold your items completely before washing and separate the colours. Make sure you do not overload the machine.

Do not bleach; it tends to weaken the fibre and cause discoloration.

Do not tumble dry. Air dry on a hanger instead. It is best, both for your linen and the environment. Give clothes a shake and smooth them out when hanging them up.

Due to its special finishing, our linen requires minimal ironing. We recommend that you iron the seams only, using steam on slightly damp fabric. The item can feel a bit stiff after washing but put it on and it gets soft and supple within minutes.

Kindly note that the print on the cotton labels will fade away in time. It is a compromise we chose to make to keep the product natural. If you have suggestions on how to improve this or any other aspect of our work, we welcome them at

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