European Linen

Our search for a more sustainable wardrobe has led us to linen, a heritage fiber that promotes naturalness, health, and well-being.

Linen is gentle on both our skin and the environment. In fact, when produced with ecologically sensitive practices, it is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics.

Linen is naturally absorbent, highly breathable, and insulating, keeping us cool in summer and comfortable in winter. Its antibacterial qualities make it perfect for sensitive skin.

However, you will discover that not all linen is the same. The quality of the finished fabric, its texture, and durability depend on the length and strength of the plant, as well as on the harvesting methods and thoughtful manufacturing techniques learned over generations.

Our linen is made of local, sustainable crops that require minimal irrigation and chemical treatment, while the processes used in production are of the highest standards and as respectful of nature as possible.

The finished product is prewashed to feel gentle on your skin and prevent any shrinkage in the future. It has a lovely radiant fullness, beautiful drape, and a relaxed texture that makes it quite easy to look after since it doesn’t require ironing.

Both timeless and fresh, soft and resilient, luxurious and simple, this unique fabric is a perfect expression of versatility and a reminder of our connection with the natural world.

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