Inspiring Change

Agnès Varda shooting her first film

We believe there is not nearly enough information, in society, about sustainability and the need to change the way we produce and consume. There are not sufficient opportunities for people to hear the stories behind fast fashion, see the alternatives, and engage in conversation about more responsible practices.

To embrace a new mindset and improve how we consume fashion, we need to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth in the industry and learn about the impact of our choices. Thus, creating awareness and building a community around sustainable products is an important step for the Slow Fashion movement.

Art has proven to be one of the most effective instruments for creating change. Film, in particular, has the power to influence how we see the world, offering a deeper understanding of why change is needed and how it can be achieved. Cinema challenges us to engage more with social and environmental issues, broaden our perspective, and improve our behaviours.

This is why we chose to join Cinema Arta, a vibrant cultural hub from Cluj-Napoca, in implementing an Educational Programme for Young Audiences. The programme is designed to educate and inspire young people from our region while connecting them with global issues, such as climate change, education, migration, and human rights. We are proud to be a part of this exciting endeavour and we will make sure to offer more details as the story unfolds.

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