Made to Last

We believe that learning to live consciously can make us healthier and happier, while also providing solutions to the social and environmental challenges of our times.

Given the increasingly negative impact of the garment industry, our planet and we, as a society, need Fashion to slow down, become more transparent, and more responsible. There is an imperative need to produce less but better, reduce waste, and recycle more. To design garments with an emphasis on quality and durability, and with care for the environment and the people behind the products.

In line with these beliefs, at She's Linen, we aim to create timeless, versatile pieces that will outlive seasonal trends. All the items are handcrafted by high-skilled makers in our family-owned studio in Transylvania. We use quality, traceable European linen, so each product we deliver is responsibly made in Europe, from field to closet. Most pieces are Made to Order, meaning we cut and sew the garments only after receiving your order. This helps avoid unnecessary production and reduce waste. It also allows us to customize your item by making small adjustments according to your needs.

We believe that ethical, well-made designs can boost our self-esteem and improve our quality of life. These pieces are the ones that are cared for and kept in our wardrobes for years, slowing down consumption and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Let’s foster a culture that values quality clothing. Buy less and care more.

As a brand, we aim to offer an alternative to those looking to improve their fashion-consuming behavior. And we strongly resonate with the following words of Alden Wicker, award-winning journalist and sustainable-fashion expert:

"...until clothing production becomes completely sustainable, technology finally makes clothing recyclable on a mass scale, and we figure out how to efficiently collect unwanted, worn-out clothing, the best thing we can do is to buy fewer, better things. Let’s foster a culture of valuing quality clothing that lasts for a long time and support companies who make clothes that can be loved and worn for many years, passed on to other wearers who will also love it, until the clothing is finally composted or recycled responsibly. That’s the dream, anyway. Are you in?"

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