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Thank you for your interest in Slow Fashion and our work. If you have already viewed the About Us page of our website and would like to know more, below is a list of questions we've been asked over time and our answers to them.

Who is She's Linen?

She's Linen is a family-owned Slow Fashion brand located in Maramures, Romania. Our story began in the early 90s, at a kitchen table, with one simple T-shirt which was printed there using basic, affordable techniques. It was the start of a small business that grew organically over years of hard work, one step and sewing machine at a time. Currently, our family owns a medium-sized factory, producing garments for several premium European brands. She's Linen was born in 2020 as a reflection of everything we've learned, over two generations, about fashion.

Is the She's Linen studio open to the public and/or for tailoring services?

No, sorry. At the moment, our products can be seen and ordered online only. We offer a unique, ongoing collection designed to outlive seasonal trends. The items are made to order, to avoid unnecessary production and reduce waste. We do not offer tailoring services, but since the pieces are crafted on-demand, and individually, there are some small changes that we can make. You may read more on the subject here.

Why a Permanent Collection?

Behind the constant 'new arrivals' that fast-fashion brands have accustomed us to lies a toxic business model, which wears out valuable resources, pollutes the environment, and degrades ecosystems.

Nurturing an ongoing collection of timeless, well-made pieces is intended as an alternative, healthier approach to fashion. It is an invitation to reflect on the relationship we have with our belongings and to embrace conscious consumption.

Does She's Linen produce other designs than its own Collection?

No, we do not. We only produce what you can see on our website. Designing individual pieces, or producing garments for men and children would mean diversifying our production to an extent that is not aligned with our vision. We believe in less but better, and choose to focus all our energy on doing one thing in the best way that we can.

Why are She's Linen items expensive?

Unfortunately, many of us have a wrong perception of what a well-made, ethical clothing item is expected to cost. In fact, small prices should raise a moral alarm, since the stories behind them often unravel one or all of the following: inferior quality and durability, human exploitation, and significant environmental costs.

Our items are responsibly made in Europe, from field to closet, by high-skilled makers, following EU environmental policies and legislation. What you end up paying is nothing but a fair price for craftsmanship and ethics.

Why doesn't She's Linen offer more variety?

On one hand, our collection is in line with a certain ethos. We believe in less but better. We value craftsmanship and soulful simplicity, and we promote mindful consumption. A carefully curated collection is meant to reflect all that.

On the other hand, working with a single linen fabric item is the practice by which we, as a small brand, can ensure that there is transparency in our supply chain. It allows us to work directly with the linen producer, and to make sure the fabric is produced using responsible practices.

Last but not least: the She's Linen team is a small one, and diversifying the production process leads to increased costs. We are doing our best to avoid that and keep our clothing items affordable.

Why does it take so long to receive my order?

Waste is a huge problem of the current fast-fashion model, generating millions of tons of textile waste each year globally. Producing only what is truly needed seems more natural and more responsible.

Our items are Made to Order, which means that we cut and sew the pieces only after receiving your order. That is why, during summer, which is the high season for linen, it can take up to six weeks to deliver your order. However, if you are rather impatient, kindly keep in mind that waiting time gets significantly shorter during Spring and Autumn months.

Are the She's Linen products certified?

No, the products themselves are not certified. However, our factory (where the She's Linen studio is also located) has been independently audited, based on the BSCI Code of Conduct developed by Amfori - the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade, and has received an 'A' rating - outstanding.

In addition, all the substances used when producing our linen comply with the European Union's REACH regulation and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. More details are available here.

Why isn't the She's Linen Collection available to order at any time?

During the colder months, the demand for linen diminishes, and it becomes more difficult for us to reach a certain level of productivity. It is why we put our activity with She's Linen on hold, close our online shop, and focus entirely on our B2B partnerships. It may not be ideal, but this way of doing things allows us to be present as a Slow Fashion brand to the best of our abilities.

Also, during the warm season, when the processing time of your orders becomes longer than six weeks, we choose to deactivate our online shop and temporarily stop taking orders. This allows our makers to work at the right pace, ensuring that quality standards are met and contributing to a safe and pleasant working environment.

Why doesn't She's Linen provide customer service over the phone?

We may be part of a larger organization, but the She's Linen team is a small one, and everyone is doing more than one job, as usually happens with small brands. The decision not to provide customer service over the phone is merely a matter of balancing the resources available.

Does She's Linen provide client service in Romanian as well?

Yes, we certainly do. Feel free to write us, in either English or Romanian, at We're always happy to hear from you.

The website and Social media content are available in English only, for a simple reason: the She's Linen community was born on Instagram and it is an international one. The people and organizations that inspire us and teach us about Slow Fashion are part of a global community - we wanted to be able to interact with them and be seen by them. Translations require time, so choosing to communicate in one language is simply a matter of making the best out of the available resources.

Again, thank you kindly for your interest in Slow Fashion and our work. If there is something you would like to know which isn't covered here, please get in touch at

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